Yep, We’re Going There: Sex And Motherhood

By Erin Davis

If there’s one thing I love about being a mom who blogs to other moms, it’s the safety I feel about broaching difficult subjects. From potty training, to anger management issues, we’re all in this together. It’s hard to shock another momma. We’ve wiped too many boogers for that.

Perhaps that’s why I feel the freedom to dive right in to the subject of our next series here on the blog. To refer to an old Salt N’ Pepa song, “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things, all the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex.” (Fellow mommas who came of age in the nineties, you are most welcome for the throwback to memory lane). Now on to some Boys II Men lyrics. Just kidding…

Maybe I’m stalling. That’s because even though I know you are a great group of readers who are as real about your world as I try to be about mine, writing a whole series about sex gives me the seventh-grade giggles.

But, let’s face it, sex after children can be challenging. And since we are committed to tackling the real issues real moms face on this blog, we’re going there. Thanks, in part, to my friend, Heather. You’ll recognize her as a frequent contributor to this blog. She has a huge heart for encouraging women to make intimacy in marriage a priority, especially after the kids come along.

You’re going to love her three-part interview with Dr. Juli Slattery about Authentic Intimacy that starts Wednesday. You’ll also read posts from her over the next few weeks about sex after kids, sex when you’re just not interested, and a mom sex challenge that may send us all to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, I will be tackling sex while pregnant and what to do if the hubs isn’t interested. I’m sure things will get a little steamy, but I hope the end result will be a dose of Truth that draws us closer to our husbands and reminds us why we married that boy in the first place!

I’d love to kick things off by hearing from you. What challenges has motherhood posed to your sex life? What questions do you have about sex after kids?

I promise to keep my seventh grade giggles in check, and my references to nineties hip hop bands to a minimum. I also promise to diligently seek God’s will for our sex lives. Will you join me?

Let’s talk about sex.

ERIN DAVIS is the founder of Graffiti Ministries, an organization dedicated to addressing the issues of identity, worth, and true beauty in the lives of young women. She is the author of Beyond Bath Time, which addresses the importance of motherhood as a sacred role. A popular speaker, author and blogger, Erin has addressed women of all ages nationwide and written several books including Beyond Bath Time, Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves, True Princess, and The Bare Facts, co-written with Josh McDowell. Her quest for the perfect scoop of ice cream is never ending and her children Eli and Noble are her constant source of entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “Yep, We’re Going There: Sex And Motherhood

  1. Before marriage, I had heard couples talking about the difficulties of cultivating intimacy with their husbands after children arrived on the scene. I (in my pride) thought, “how hard can it be?”. Our firstborn is 7 months old and there have been many a night where I am just plain ole’ whipped! I know that my husband wants sex, but I kinda skirt around the topic and tell him “how tired I am”. I have tried to be more intentional and get rest during the day so that I will have energy that night but honestly, it is hard to keep that a top priority when you are just busy all day. I am glad you are tackling this subject

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