Why I wrote Beyond Bath Time (and a giveaway!)

Author Erin Davis fesses up about being an imperfect and novice mom then shares why she wrote a book about motherhood anyway.

(Psst! Want to be among the first to read Erin’s new book, Beyond Bath Time? Simply leave us a comment below. We will send a free copy to the first 10 of you to comment. Be sure to include your correct e-mail address so we can contact you for shipping information.)

ERIN DAVIS is the founder of Graffiti Ministries, an organization dedicated to addressing the issues of identity, worth, and true beauty in the lives of young women. She is the author of Beyond Bath Time, which addresses the importance of motherhood as a sacred role. A popular speaker, author and blogger, Erin has addressed women of all ages nationwide and written several books including Beyond Bath Time, Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves, True Princess, and The Bare Facts, co-written with Josh McDowell. Her quest for the perfect scoop of ice cream is never ending and her children Eli and Noble are her constant source of entertainment.

16 thoughts on “Why I wrote Beyond Bath Time (and a giveaway!)

  1. Look forward to reading the book, and enjoy the website and blogs. Also appreciate Graffitti and that book and that website, I have had more counseling opporunities with young girls that the book has been helpful with. God bless!

  2. I would love to read this book! I have two littles, 20 months apart, and I often find myself wondering what I have accomplished at the end of the day. I know I am called to be a mommy, and I love staying home with my kids, but sometimes I just want some peace and quiet! My email is benandrea102607 @ gmail dot com

  3. This sounds like a wonderful read. I want to get one for my daughter who is raising her own 16 mo. old daughter, and doing a fine job so far. But I know the trials coming her way, and this book seems like it can help prepare her for the challenges from a biblical perspective!

  4. I am a single mom of a teen and a tween, feeling overwhelmed at times with all there is to do, would love to read your book, but I’m number 11, guess I’ll have to borrow…thanks for writing what looks to be a wonderful book on the joys of motherhood the way God ordered it.

  5. I have been waiting for the release of this book for some time now! I think I’m too late for the give away, but I had to say how excited I am to read this book!

  6. Erin – I can’t wait to read your new book, even though I do not have any children or any on the way, I can’t wait. I still remember going to your mom’s to take pictures for Grafitti! I miss you all and hope to see you in the near future!


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