When Mothering Doesn’t Come Naturally

Just because nursing is natural, doesn’t mean it comes naturally. That’s the lesson that Jill learned the hard way as she tried to nurse two babies while battling an insufficient milk supply.

Most moms have been where Jill has. Her vision of motherhood looked one way, and the reality looked another. But Jill’s story is ultimately one of hope as she urges other moms to do what is best for their baby without guilt or shame.

So pour yourself a cup of Joe (or grab a caramel macchiato from Starbucks like Jill and I) and pull up a chair. Let’s get real about what to do when motherhood doesn’t go according to plan.

What mothering challenges have you faced that felt the most unnatural to you? In what area of motherhood do you most need to lay down the guit?



One thought on “When Mothering Doesn’t Come Naturally

  1. How about grandparents??? When Grand Parenting doesn’t come naturally!! You’d think it would but there are many dynamic’s to this role and season of life (especially if caring for the child while parents work). Comments anyone??

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