The Book

“Your baby probably won’t survive the pregnancy. I suggest you abort him.”

These are the words that plunged me deep into the waters of motherhood. I was flailing. I couldn’t see the surface. I feared that the swirl of emotions and responsibilities that come with being a mom would swallow me whole and I had no idea where to look for a life raft.

I was twelve weeks pregnant with my first child. At that point in the pregnancy I hadn’t felt much beyond fear, anxiety and a lot of nausea. My husband and I planned to get pregnant, but when the stick turned pink much sooner than we expected, I couldn’t stop my mind from racing about all the ways my life was going to change. I broke the news to my husband that a baby was on the way by sitting on our bed in a bathrobe and sobbing.

I didn’t have time to be a mom.

Now doctors were telling me that my baby wasn’t well. The decision not to abort our tiny son was an easy one.  I didn’t know that God would use that decision as a refiners fire to teach me His passion for motherhood and to do a total makeover on my heart.

I’m not an expert on mothering. I didn’t write a book for moms because I’ve got everything figured out or because I’ve unlocked the key to parenting while wearing a perpetual smile. I wrote Beyond Bath Time because I needed to know why my mothering matters. I found the answers by digging in God’s Word. This book takes a hard look at God’s vision for motherhood. It’s cuts out the clutter caused by the messages sent to moms by the culture and invites moms to re-imagine their role as sacred, purposed, and significant.

It’s not a self-help guide to show you how to be a perfect mom, raising perfect kids. Instead, it’s a lens to help give you a panoramic view God’s design for you as a mom and recognize that ultimately you are doing Kingdom work.