The Debate We Must Stop Having

By: Erin Davis

ID-10092736I’m late in getting this post up because I’ve got a five-year old with the flu and a newborn who always wants held. I know for a fact that achieving balance between my work and my kids is an equation that will never add up for me. I know that’s true for many (dare I say all) moms. That’s why I’m putting us all in time out.

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Jesus Had a Momma. So What?

By: Erin Davis

603854bsjmqook0Warning: obvious statement ahead…

Jesus was a man.

He liked to fish. He hung out primarily with other dudes. He had a beard. Despite the slightly feminine pictures of Him that sometimes hang in church hallways, I picture Jesus as a real mans’ man. He was authoritative, rugged, and not too big on touchy feely conversations.

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Erasing the Perfect Mother’s Day Fantasy {Giveaway!}

Note: Be sure to listen in as Erin talks about her book for moms, “Beyond Bath Time” on Focus on the Family today.

By Erin Davis

sb10062916r-001I can feel it happening again. I’m dreaming of a Mother’s Day where I am allowed to sleep until 10, wake up to a fancy brunch and a clean house, and enjoy an endless stream of compliments and thank yous from my husband and children. It’s the kind of Mother’s Day we all dream of and the kind, of course, that ain’t never gonna happen.

And then what? Shall I sulk? Throw a fit? Pout in the corner? Probably not.

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First Political Debate with Our Daughter

By Shannon Popkin

As they pulled into the middle school parking lot, a woman waved a sign that said, “Vote ‘Yes’!” Our 14-year-old said, “Oh, yeah! Dad, vote yes on that bond proposal today, ok?” Her dad said, “Uh, no … Honey. I’ll be voting no today.”

“What? But Dad, my math teacher says that if you vote yes we all get new iPads at school!” she said with genuine disappointment. Continue reading