Sending Out the Bat Light To Moms Everywhere {Giveaway!}

By Erin Davis

batmanBatman probably ranks high on most lists of superheros. I certainly dig his leather pantsuit and underground lair. But my favorite thing is the bat light. When citizens were in trouble, they would shine a giant bat-shaped spotlight over Gotham, and down would swoop their hero to save the day.

God has sent out the bat light to parents for generations. If we look in His Word, we find countless calls to make teaching and living our faith out at home our highest priority. In verse after verse, God sends the clear signal that our children are a gift and a mission field. When we miss this message, the consequences are huge.

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Practical Tips to Serve a New First-Time Mom

By Heather Patenaude

562860_10150769583136346_550690367_nI received a text from a new mom recently. It took me right back to those first few weeks I navigated the waters of motherhood. Everyone else made motherhood look easy! But now, with this 7 pound bundle, I felt clueless!

8 years and 3 kids later, I read the text from my new mom friend and just smiled thinking, “Oh the newborn stage goes so fast and yet everything seems so overwhelming!”

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Motherhood Applies Some Heat

By Erin Davis

Janet Parshal writes, “Hannah’s story teaches us what it means to be a true woman of God. She let go of her own plans. She knew that God was in charge, not her. She believed Him enough to say yes even when desperation had caused her to go out of her comfort zone and ask for the unthinkable. Continue reading

Praying the scriptures for your children

By Erin Davis

From (02.17.11)

When I was only twelve weeks along with my first-born son, the doctor called us with some devastating news. The baby’s tiny bladder was blocked meaning he couldn’t process amniotic fluid and wasn’t expected to survive the pregnancy. My husband and I immediately decided that I would carry the baby to term despite the diagnosis. That decision launched us into a season of prayer unlike anything we had every experienced before. Continue reading

You Are A Delight

By Laura Booz

From (08.17.2011)

On the days when the little ones sleep, smell sweet, and smile, it’s easy to say.

On the days when they wail, sweat, smell like sour milk, loose their hair, have a break-out of baby acne, and ruin two new outfits with blow-out diapers, it’s not as easy.

But, it’s always true. And can always be said … Those precious words, “You are a delight.” Continue reading