The Grievousness of Sin, the Freedom of Repentance

By: Amy Catalina

21266eo8xu5vw2fIf we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.    1 John 1:9

When someone first comes to faith in Christ, she acknowledges that she is a sinner in need of a savior.  She agrees with God that “all have sinned” and that on her own she is doomed to death.  Perhaps the time leading up to that moment was checkered with sordid, shameful sin.  Or, perhaps, a lifetime of “clean living” was finally revealed by the Holy Spirit as the filthy rags that self-righteousness is in the sight of God.

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My First Crayon in the Dryer

This post was originally on the True Woman blog!

By Barbra Bender

firstcrayondryerGrowing up, I learned a very time-consuming, meticulous way to do laundry. It is the definition of perfection. The right way to do laundry. Clothes do not shrink, fade, or wrinkle when you do laundry this way.

Around child number three, however, I realized if I continued to do laundry the perfect way, I would never have any laundry done. So I started using the dryer like everyone else in the world. I joined the thousands of mothers who sell 5T pajamas at their garage sales, knowing they actually now fit a one-year-old. Now that I use my dryer so faithfully, I am an avid pocket checker. Occasionally I miss a paper towel or one of my husband’s foam ear plugs, but I’ve never missed a crayon . . . until today.

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Moses and The Preacher Man

By Dougetta Nuneviller

Psalm 119:11 — “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

A long time ago there were two little boys. These boys were brothers who were being brought up in the knowledge of Christ. They went to church every time the doors were open, attended every Sunday school program, sang in the children’s choir and went to all the holiday events.

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Finding the Worm Holes

By Heidi Jo Fulk

We had an eventful June and July at our house. A family wedding, VBS, a long weekend at a lake with friends, swim lessons, and lots of ball games. That was after a really eventful summer last year when we moved from Tennessee to Michigan. So we were looking forward to the long summer days this August, thinking we’d finally be able to savor “real” summer a bit. Continue reading

Major Motherhood Burnout

By Heather Patenaude

In August, I wrote about ways to avoid motherhood burnout — during a time when I was experiencing some major burnout myself. I had been faithful in reading God’s Word, I was singing praise music all day long, I was trying to remember these seasons are short … but I was still struggling with burnout! I felt worn out to the core. I felt empty. Continue reading

Keepin’ it Real

By Erin Davis

We’ve been getting real here on the blog and I, for one, feel refreshed by it. I’ve loved giving you a peep into the non-sugar coated truth about my life as a mom and managing a schedule, a marriage, fear, hospitality, keeping a clean (or not so clean) house, faith and even a real mom sex life (yep, we went there). Continue reading

And Forgive Us Our Mom Sins

By Erin Davis

“And forgive us our sins” Luke 11:4.

Just about the time the epidural wears off the guilt kicks in. (You au natural mommas may get a pass on guilt for a few hours … you’ve earned it). Sometimes we get mom guilt over silly things. I’ve had to work through patches of guilt for giving my boys too many Pop Tarts, holding them too much, not holding them enough and not letting them have a dog. These are minor offenses. The best recourse is to simply let the guilt go. Continue reading

The ripple effect of one grumpy woman

By Erin Davis

From (08.09.11)

One morning last week I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That’s a nice way of saying I was grumpy. My fuse was short. My voice was loud. My temper was nasty. Clearly my heart was not focused on living like Christ has called me to. Continue reading