Keepin’ it Real

By Erin Davis

We’ve been getting real here on the blog and I, for one, feel refreshed by it. I’ve loved giving you a peep into the non-sugar coated truth about my life as a mom and managing a schedule, a marriage, fear, hospitality, keeping a clean (or not so clean) house, faith and even a real mom sex life (yep, we went there). Continue reading

Real Mom: Sex

By Heather Patenaude

(DISCLAIMER: Thankfully I have a group of pretty honest girlfriends and we aren’t scared of touching on the delicate subject of sex. And because of many gut-wrenching honest conversations we’ve had, I understand there are many facets to this subject, many complex situations. In a post this short I won’t be able to touch on all of them. I understand there is a danger in giving simplistic advice with some extremely complicated situations. My hope is to help you evaluate your own “physical intimacy thermometer” and see where there maybe some areas for growth. I will also use broad brush strokes, but I do understand there are women whose situations don’t fit with the norm. Thanks for understanding.) Continue reading

Real Mom: Faith

By Heather Patenaude

Have you ever wondered how “real” moms study their Bibles? If we were to go grab coffee, at some point in the conversation I’d ask, “How’s your quiet time going?” It’s one of those questions I ask lots of girlfriends! Continue reading

Real Mom: Marriage

By Erin Davis

During the first seven years of my marriage, when other couples called marriage “work,” I secretly judged them. My marriage didn’t seem like a lot of work during that season. True, I was married to a boy, which inevitably comes with its fair share of communication and hygiene challenges, but overall it was pretty smooth sailing. Continue reading

Real Mom: A Real Mom’s Schedule

By Erin Davis

Baby boy #1 came home from the hospital with one primary need — routine. He’s the kind of kid who needs to eat at the same time, needs to sleep at the same time and always wants to know what’s happening next.

Baby boy #2 came home from the hospital just as I got the whole schedule thing figured out. Did he have a need for a schedule? Not so much. Continue reading

Real Mom: The Real Moms of Every County

By Erin Davis and Heather Patenaude

In the world of Facebook, Pinterest, Pottery Barn catalogs and a zillion do-it-yourself shows, a mom can feel as if her life — her real, messy, not-always-tied-in-a-cute-bow life
isn’t normal. Continue reading