Truth Is Our Fairy Tale Castle

By Erin Davis

Need another reason to take our 2013 Bible Reading Challenge? Here’s one…

Internet, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook offer us much in the way of connection and information, but we all know they have their downside. Figuring out the pros and cons of the digital age is a different post for a smarter brain than mine, but lately I’ve noticed that one side effect of social media is that I can hear everyone’s opinions loud and clear.

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Resolution: Why We Read the Bible

By Erin Davis

I start the new year the same every time. First, I crash out hours before midnight. Then, I wake up with a fire in my belly in influence those who listen to my voice to resolve that this will be the year they read the Bible more. Continue reading

Resolution: The Bible Is My Favorite

By Heidi Jo Fulk

There are lots of parents who have a favorite book they have read to their child hoping it will be one of their favorites, too. Maybe “The Velveteen Rabbit” or “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Corduroy.” Those classics are wonderful and fun to pass down to our kids. But making the Bible THE favorite is a little more complex. Continue reading

Resolution: Sunday School Lessons

By Heather Patenaude

In our house, “Bible time” happens right before bed with our young three sons. It works nicely because they all share a room. Over the years we’ve done different Bible story books. But my favorite night of the week is Sunday night! Continue reading

Resolution: Long Story Shorts

By Amy Cantilina
Reading the Bible to my kids is something I always have wonderful intentions of doing, but implementation is sometimes lacking. I have found over the years that it is so much easier when they are littler, and as they get older it is a bit more challenging.   Continue reading

Resolution: Don’t Waste It On Skinny

By Erin Davis

As the sun rose on a brand spankin’ new year this morning, if you’re like me, you may have found yourself thinking about fresh starts. While I didn’t make it to midnight last night (an early bed time is my idea of a party!), I do love the start of a new year. It always feels like cracking the binding open on a brand new book … except the pages are blank and the story is yet to be written. There’s great hope in that possibility. Continue reading