School Choice: Public School

At last minute Shannon decided to chime in on our school choice series!

By Shannon Popkin

DSC_0034When my daughter Lindsay was in kindergarten, we were driving home from school one day when suddenly she gasped—a horrified expression frozen on her face. I asked what was wrong, and she said, “Mommy! I just realized something. We never; I mean never remember to pray at school! Not even one time have we prayed before our lunch!”

I wasn’t sure whether to be more concerned that she had just noticed (it was October), or that she had completely forgotten to pray for so many days in a row!

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School Choice: Public School (Part 2)

Check part one of Amy’s School Choice HERE! And the school choice post on: Homeschool and public school and Homeschool.

By Amy Cantilina

Amys kidsIn choosing public schooling for our children, I did, naturally, have some concerns.  The thought of so many hours spent away from me, the fears of the influence of other kids, and the prospect that the teaching—especially in the later years of education–would be counter-Biblical were some of my main concerns.  As my kids have matured, the concerns have also evolved: will they face peer pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol? Will they be exposed to pornography or impure sexuality? Will they be safe in a world where gun violence in schools seems on the rise?   Will they begin to take to heart the rampant models of disrespect and irreverence?  Will non-Christian teachers attempt to dissuade them from their faith?

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School Choice: Public School (Part 1)

Last week we started a series on “School Choice”: Homeschool and Public School, Homeschool. Today and tomorrow we’re going to hear from Amy and how they chose the path of Public School!

By: Amy Cantilina

Amys kidsThere are many areas of life in which the Word of God gives us general principles, but the method of applying those principles can vary depending on the personal convictions of the people involved and their sense of God’s leading and direction in their lives.  These are the areas of life in which my husband and I have found ourselves most reliant on prayer, counsel from those who know us well and love The Lord, and the examples and experiences of others farther along life’s path.

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School Choice: Public School AND Homeschool

The next few posts we’re going to look at school choice! We will hear from a mom who send all her kids to public school, one who homeschools her children, one who isn’t decided yet. Today we’ll hear from Heidi who does a hybrid model of education: public school and homeschool! We hope our posts help as you may be wrestling with what educational choice is best for you and your family!

By Heidi Jo Falk

heidis kidsNever, ever, ever, schmever would I have fathomed the hours of conversation, contemplation, and prayer that have gone and will go into schooling decisions.  And I was a teacher!!  The options, the environments, the practicalities.  The educational points, the spiritual ramifications, the home/life effects.  All of that and more race through my brain and heart as my husband and I make school decisions.  But hallelujah, we don’t serve a God who has left us out in the cold as we sort through all of this!

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