Smell my Feet?

By: Shannon Popkin

dsc_0248Halloween is the time of year my boys dress up as a Cowboy and Zorro and pose with their weapons pointed at each other, big smiles on their faces, so I can take pictures. Even my daughter, who is in high school still dresses up and goes out with her friends to collect free candy from the neighbors. Then they all come back and sort their loot in the family room. It’s tradition.

We tell our kids that it’s fine to celebrate the good parts about Halloween—the candy and the dressing up and spending time with friends and neighbors. In fact, if we chose to stay inside with the porch lights off, we feel like we’d miss out on connecting with neighbors, since Halloween is one of the only nights of the year that everyone’s outside!

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Halloween: Celebrate or Avoid?

By Erin Davis

This time every year, I feel a little torn. Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year. I spend ten months longing for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, hayrides and hot apple cider. Oh, and fun-sized Snickers. Lots and lots of fun-sized Snickers. Continue reading