The Formula Debate

By: Heather Patenaude @heatherarnel 

Similac-FormulaRecently a friend had to add formula to her 9 month olds diet because he wasn’t putting on weight like she had hoped. She shared privately how embarrassed she was to put that can of formula on the convayer belt at the grocery store. Thoughts of pride, mingled with fear of man, “What will people think?” blended.

Another friend chimed in that nursing her 4 month old had become an ordeal and they switched to all bottles, at a conference this new mom received a very insensitive comment from someone who didn’t know the full story!

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“He’s addicted to porn!”

By: Heather Patenaude

Woman-Crying“He’s addicted to porn!” your friend cries to you “I just discovered it and he’s been hiding it for years!”

What would you say? How would you help?

We live in a porn-culture, and it’s becoming more and more acceptable. But the effects of porn are anything but normal.

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Helping a Friend in Crisis

By Shannon Popkin

supporting-a-friend“Yes, but why did you call me?”

I don’t always feel qualified to help my Christian friends when they call, engulfed by a hurtful situation. And I’m sure they don’t feel qualified to help me, either, when it’s my turn to be engulfed. But if we notice all the instances of “one another” in the Bible, we see that calling each other when we feel weak, confused, hurt, or angry is exactly what Christians are supposed to do.

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Another Marriage Post

By Heather Patenaude

After 12 years of marriage, Sam and Kathy sit at a restaurant with hardly a word crossing their lips. Kathy plays with her salad and shifts in the hard seat. Sam checks his phone and replies to a text message.

When he sets his phone down Kathy mentions that Tommy, their 10-year-old son, has a ball game that Saturday. Sam asks when, and then checks his phone to see his calendar. They go back to silence as the main dish is served. Continue reading