A Locker Room Pep Talk for Moms

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

PEPTALK-3-560x560 Alright Moms.  Everyone get in here.  I think we need to talk.

A lot of you are dragging in.  And a few of you look pretty beat up.  A lot of crinkled foreheads, dark circles, and some funky clothes in here.  So let’s get to it.

I know it’s hard out there.  You’ve got at least one if not a gaggle of children that call you “Mom”.  They probably call you that about 1,000 times a day.  You’re feeding kids, cleaning kids, cleaning up after kids, and teaching kids.  You’re singing songs, doing homework, playing games, reading books, and rocking babies.  You’re grocery shopping, watching the neighbor’s kids, serving at church, and maybe even working outside of your home.

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The Formula Debate

By: Heather Patenaude @heatherarnel 

Similac-FormulaRecently a friend had to add formula to her 9 month olds diet because he wasn’t putting on weight like she had hoped. She shared privately how embarrassed she was to put that can of formula on the convayer belt at the grocery store. Thoughts of pride, mingled with fear of man, “What will people think?” blended.

Another friend chimed in that nursing her 4 month old had become an ordeal and they switched to all bottles, at a conference this new mom received a very insensitive comment from someone who didn’t know the full story!

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Helping Your Kids Deal with Doubts About Their Salvation

By: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

dealwithdoubtsSome time ago, I received the following appeal from a friend:

Would you have time to talk with my daughter? I stayed up till 3:00 this morning with her discussing whether she is saved or not. This has been a recurring talk for years, and I have nothing left to tell her. I thought you might have some counsel for her. Thank you!

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me, Me, ME



By: Carrie Ward

“We shouldn’t have a child-centered home.”

I’ve heard that phrase many times; perhaps you have, as well. I agree with the idea behind this statement, but I find that sometimes what I really want is a self-centered home. I want my children and my husband to do things my way. I want my home to be ME-centered.

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My Father’s World

By Dougetta Nuneviller

389321_10151646097236346_1126714969_nAs “This is My Fathers World” plays in the background. It reminds me of all the times I’ve taken the kids out for a nature walk.  There are so many wonderful things we can learn about our Creator, from nature.

The song goes on and says “He speaks to me everywhere” .  When we go outside, we find there are so many examples of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. The truth of Scripture is right in front of us. Yes, He does speak to us everywhere from the animals to the grass itself.

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Groundhog Sightings

By Erin Davis

GroundhogI have a random theory.

I think that God chooses one thing from nature to remind each of us individually of His love for us. He uses that thing to woo us and to remind us that even though He is the Creator and we are the created, He’s totally smitten with us. I’m not sure if it’s a theory that works across the board, but I do know that God has always used one specific creature in nature to affirm His love and remind me of His sweetness.

What is it, you ask?


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Are you a “Here I Am” person or a “There You Are” person? {Giveaway!}

By Jill Savage

friendsI once read that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who walk into a room and say, “Here I am. Come talk to me. Come ask me about me. Come make me feel comfortable,” and those who walk into a room and say, “There you are! You look interesting to get to know. Tell me about yourself.” It’s a subtle but essential distinction.

Friendship has to begin somewhere. If you’re friends with someone from childhood, you may not remember how that friendship began. As adults, however, we need to know how to meet someone new, get to know them a bit, and determine if pursuing a friendship would be valuable. The quicker we can learn to be a “There you are!” person, the easier it is to meet new people. When we stay in our “Here I am” corners, we are more concerned about our own comfort level than we are about the comfort of those around us—and we are slow to make friends.

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Erasing the Perfect Mother’s Day Fantasy {Giveaway!}

Note: Be sure to listen in as Erin talks about her book for moms, “Beyond Bath Time” on Focus on the Family today.

By Erin Davis

sb10062916r-001I can feel it happening again. I’m dreaming of a Mother’s Day where I am allowed to sleep until 10, wake up to a fancy brunch and a clean house, and enjoy an endless stream of compliments and thank yous from my husband and children. It’s the kind of Mother’s Day we all dream of and the kind, of course, that ain’t never gonna happen.

And then what? Shall I sulk? Throw a fit? Pout in the corner? Probably not.

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Practical Tips to Serve a New First-Time Mom

By Heather Patenaude

562860_10150769583136346_550690367_nI received a text from a new mom recently. It took me right back to those first few weeks I navigated the waters of motherhood. Everyone else made motherhood look easy! But now, with this 7 pound bundle, I felt clueless!

8 years and 3 kids later, I read the text from my new mom friend and just smiled thinking, “Oh the newborn stage goes so fast and yet everything seems so overwhelming!”

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Major Motherhood Burnout

By Heather Patenaude

In August, I wrote about ways to avoid motherhood burnout — during a time when I was experiencing some major burnout myself. I had been faithful in reading God’s Word, I was singing praise music all day long, I was trying to remember these seasons are short … but I was still struggling with burnout! I felt worn out to the core. I felt empty. Continue reading

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Afraid? Tired?

By Carrie Ward

(From aneverydaymama.com, April 27, 2012)

I’m an everyday mama who wrote a book.

When I signed on with the publisher, I was excited … I still am! … to see what God might do through our story. However, not being a professional writer, I did not see everything that was coming. These days, when you write a book, it’s helpful to be an active social media person as well. This can be a good thing, but don’t forget: I’m an everyday mama, not a social media expert. Continue reading

When All Else Fails … Throw Flour

By Erin Davis

From www.truewoman.com (04.14.10)

I’d been having a really bad day. You know, the kind of day where everything that possibly can go wrong, does. My toddler had thrown one too many fits, my baby needed a little too much of my attention, lunch was burning on the stove, and my house looked like a toy bomb had gone off … After a while little things seemed huge and I started feeling really stressed and frustrated. Continue reading

Little People Grow Up Way Too Fast!

By Kimberly Wagner

From www.truewoman.com (10.27.2009)

I had one of those dreams filled with such normal stuff that you think it’s really happening while you’re in the dream. You know what I mean?

When my children were little, we used to go camping a lot. We loved hiking through the woods, eating s’mores around the campfire, fishing from the bank’s edge. We even tried mountain biking as they grew older. So in my dream I was working my way up the side of a little mountain trail, wondering where Rachel and Caleb were. I started thinking about the fact that I hadn’t seen them for a while — at least not the “little people” version of Rachel and Caleb. Shouts and giggles interrupted my climb as I turned around to see the eight- and twelve-year-old version of my children running toward me. “There you two are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I’ve missed you! Where’ve you been?” Continue reading