Three Discipline Pitfalls to Avoid

By Miriam Walsh

33823nvtg4pw41eNumber One: Are you inconsistent?

Does disciplining your kids depend on things like the schedule or the fallout that’s sure to ensue from them once you do?  Does it depend on whether or not you can even remember what the rules are? This generates stress and more importantly, is ineffective. If we can’t remember our own rules, how can we expect them to remember? Establish the consequences ahead of time—maybe even post it somewhere—and be sure to stick to them.

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A Battle Cry for Perseverance

By Heidi Jo Fulk

I have disciplined children all day. I have corrected children all day. I have given explanations to children all day. And it’s only two o’clock in the afternoon.

My day started off so well. A sunny, early morning. Coffee pre-set and waiting for me as I came downstairs. Some quiet time to study my Bible and pray. That lasted 10 minutes. Continue reading

Now He was Talking About Cliffs

By Shannon Popkin

“Just wad me up like garbage and go throw me off a cliff!” The expression on my middle-schooler’s face matched the tone of his words. He was angry and resentful.

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Lecture loaded

By Jill McDaniel

I was sipping coffee at a bookstore coffeehouse while my car was being repaired, so my mind gradually wandered to the people sitting around me. Casually dressed telecommuters, a trendy college girl in trendy boots reading a trendy book, and a pretty woman with bags and coats sprawled across five chairs. I quickly discovered she was a fellow mom — partly because two young boys walked up to her — but mostly because she pulled out the most spot-on “mom voice.” Continue reading