Some thoughts on that guy in the red suit

By Erin Davis

(Originally posted Dec. 16, 2011)

It’s not that I have something against friendly old guys with red suits and reindeer. I like his belly laugh and think it’s cute that he has a perpetual twinkle in his eyes. Even so, my husband and I have decided to ban Santa from the Christmas activities at our house. Continue reading

How to Ditch the Holiday Stress

By Heather Patenaude

Just in case you aren’t aware of it, today is Black Friday! “They” say it’s the official start of the Christmas season. I am not sure where “they” came up with that! Christmas decorations have been in some stores since September and for many of us, the crazy holiday season has already kicked in to full gear! Continue reading

Light in the darkness

By Kimberly Wagner

From (12.22.2009)

Broken sentences came in gasps interrupted by pain-filled sobs. My daughter’s sorrow, relayed from six hundred miles away, took me back to a familiar loss. “The doctor thinks … it looks like … the baby probably … died at six weeks.” Continue reading

Hanging Santa Claus out to dry

By Jessica Oliver

(A post for not-yet moms thinking about the future)

The lack of a washer and dryer at his place means my fiancé Michael hauls endless amounts of dirty laundry over to my apartment about every three weeks. While putting piles of fresh linen-scented button-up shirts on hangers, we scrub out those conversations every couple should have before they get married. Continue reading

Mary and Elizabeth

Mary didn’t know what would become of her baby boy. Her cousin, Elizabeth didn’t know either how her long-awaited son, John would turn out. These moms remind us that the goal of mothering isn’t to play it safe but to let God use our kids in bigger ways than we could imagine. Continue reading

Don’t touch the nativity!

By Erin Davis

From (12.12.11)

We have a rule at our house and just yesterday I was struck with what a silly rule it is. The rule is, don’t touch the nativity. All day, every day, I hear myself telling my toddlers, “Put Mary down. Put the wise man back with his friends. That sheep is not for riding. DON’T TOUCH THE NATIVITY!” Continue reading