Grafting In

By: Amy Cantilina

AdoptionOne day last summer, just before our social worker arrived at our house for our 6-month post-placement visit following then 6-year-old Isabel’s adoption from China, Isabel asked me in Chinese “why did I come here?”

She was referring to coming to join our family.  Just minutes before, I had explained why Daddy hadn’t yet left for work, since he was waiting for our social worker to come and talk about how things were going with Isabel in our family.

“Why did I come here?”

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Mother’s Day from the View of Adoption: An Opportunity to Celebrate the Gospel

By Amy Catalina

AdoptionOf all holidays, Mother’s Day is probably the one that evokes the widest spectrum of emotions.  Perhaps it’s warm thoughts of your own mother or joy that you ARE a mother.  Perhaps it’s pain and disappointment if you are enduring infertility.  Perhaps it’s heartache if your relationship with your mother is strained or she’s gone.  Perhaps it’s angst if your current season of motherhood involves more pain than joy.

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Adoption: What Difference Does it Make?


AdoptionThe answer to this question might seem pretty obvious.

A child from outside a family becomes a part of a family.  Forever.

The circumstances from which that child comes can vary immensely from one child to another.  The essence, however, is the same in every case: the presence of both extreme loss and need.  Loss of a birth family.  Need for a stable, secure, loving, and warm forever family.

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