Not-So Quiet Times

By Erin Davis

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10.

Has the idea of a personal “quiet time” made you feel guilty during these mommy years? Cramming time for prayer and Bible study into the nooks and crannies of mothering means: A) Hiring a babysitter; B) Locking the door and shouting something like, “LEAVE MOMMY ALONE, I AM TALKING TO JESUS!” or C) Waking up so early that you can only sit and stare at your Bible through tired and bleary eyes.
But the Bible doesn’t say to be quiet. It says to be still.

Quietness means pulling the breaks on your life with your children. Stillness means taking some time to stop and acknowledge your need for God amidst the chaos. It doesn’t have to be quiet at all. In fact, adding more of God through prayer and Bible study is something you can do with your kids.

Action step: Make it a game.

Gather your flock together and practice being still. First, wiggle, jump, and dance. When you say “Still!” have everyone freeze. Then after a few seconds of stillness offer a quick prayer that God would change your heart and your family through this challenge. Repeat.

After another segment of stillness read aloud the Proverb that corresponds to the current day of the month. Have one more round of movement followed by one more “freeze.” This time take turns offering a word of praise to God.

There! You’ve just had time with God that included prayer, praise, and Bible study. It may not have being quiet at all, but you did take the time to still your hearts before God. That’s all it takes for Him to begin to change you.

A Mom’s Prayer: God please give me more moments to spend time with you. Use this
challenge to teach me your vision for motherhood.

(You need a makeover! No, I’m not referencing your mom wardrobe or the fact that you haven’t had  your roots done since before your oldest started kindergarten. I don’t mind those things one bit. I’m talking about a makeover of your heart. Sign up to take our 30-day Mom Makeover Challenge and receive a month’s worth of devotions tailor-made to the demands of motherhood delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up here.)

ERIN DAVIS is the founder of Graffiti Ministries, an organization dedicated to addressing the issues of identity, worth, and true beauty in the lives of young women. She is the author of Beyond Bath Time, which addresses the importance of motherhood as a sacred role. A popular speaker, author and blogger, Erin has addressed women of all ages nationwide and written several books including Beyond Bath Time, Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves, True Princess, and The Bare Facts, co-written with Josh McDowell. Her quest for the perfect scoop of ice cream is never ending and her children Eli and Noble are her constant source of entertainment.

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