Motherhood for Extroverts

By Heather Patenaude

outgoingOn Monday Erin struck a cord with introverted mamas! But I think she struck a cord with us extroverted mamas too!

I am 100% extroverted! I could be with people all day long. I could chat all day to friends, my kids, or my husband…I love people. A day with people puts “wind in my sails”. Not only do I love people, my love language is touch. So I don’t mind a hand on my arm or a cuddle on the couch.

You could think that with that combination mothering would come so easy for me, right? Well, to a certain degree mothering does look different for me than Erin, but what struck a cord with me was when she said, “I do best when I build some alone time into my day.”

Even though by nature I am extroverted, I have found that it is extremely helpful for my emotional and spiritual health to take time daily to be still: with my bible and a cup of coffee. I see on the pages of scripture that Jesus Himself rose early to be with His Father and this time gave Jesus what He needed for His ministry. (Mark 1:35) This daily “down time” is what I need as I navigate all the demands on me as a mom.

Each day I am in ministry with my boys. Each day is filled with hundreds of “dying to self” moments. Each day I look for ways to make the gospel real to my boys. Each day I serve my family. Each day I pour myself out as an offering to God, asking Him to use me. So each day I fill myself up, so I can empty myself out for Him!

This intentional down time daily helps keep my batteries charged and when I don’t make time for this my mothering suffers (insert crabby with very little patience Heather here…not pretty!)

So, I leave you with the same questions Erin posed to us on Monday: What fuels your batteries? What do you need to do to make sure you are getting filled back up? Introverted or extroverted realizing what fills us up and doing it will aid in making us better mothers!

Beyond Bath Time TakeawayIt’s our responsibility as moms to make sure our emotional and energy tanks are full enough for us to mother well.

Heather PatenaudeHEATHER PATENAUDE is passionate about living a Christ-centered life. This passion flows over to being a wife to John and a homeschool mom to: Miles 7, Luke 6, and Clark 3. Heather is “doing” motherhood right along the side of most of you and hopes that she can encourage you to look beyond your “bath time” challenges and embrace the beautiful calling of motherhood!

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