Christmas Prep!

By: Heather Patenaude

christmas-countdown-wallpapers-2-1024x768Last week here at Beyond Bath Time we started a series to help you prep for Christmas! We’re now at under 6 weeks to go!

Don’t you find the more prep you do, for pretty much anything, the less stressful it is! Well, I’d love to see you have a less stressful holiday! I’d love to see you enjoy December, enjoy your family, and actually breath!

Here are some things you can prep this week:

Christmas Photo

Are you going to take one this year? Schedule it! Pick out the clothes or schedule a hair appointment! Christmas stamps are already for sale too! Tip: Check for photo deals on Black Friday!

Christmas Cookies

Are you making any? Which ones? What ingredients do you need? Do you have a friend who wants to have a cookie baking day with you? Tip: You can bake and freeze almost all Christmas cookies! Make a batch a week and you’ll eliminate the stress of baking on one day! (Unless you love those kinds of baking days!)

Christmas Party

Are you planning one? Who will you invite? What will you make? Maybe you and a couple of girlfriends want to plan one together! Tip: Find a fun theme for a party! Last year we had a “Hipster Christmas Party” and it was a blast!

Christmas Craft

Are you wanting to make any as gifts? Or maybe you want to do simple crafts with your kids for the grandparents! Try to not get overwhelmed on Pinterest and think you have to do them all!

Maybe you want to do all four of these things or maybe none of them! Get closer to December just thinking through these things will take away stress from an already generally stressful month!

Heather PatenaudeHEATHER PATENAUDE is passionate about living a Christ-centered life. This passion flows over to being a wife to John and a homeschool mom to: Miles 8, Luke 7, and Clark 4. Heather is “doing” motherhood right along the side of most of you and hopes that she can encourage you to look beyond your “bath time” challenges and embrace the beautiful calling of motherhood!

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