Because My Kids Deserve Better (And So Do Yours)

By: Erin Davis

IMG_6907After losing my temper again with my children, I uttered a desperate prayer, “Lord, please deliver me from my anger, irritability, and lack of self control.”

It’s not a new prayer. I’d prayed it plenty before and know most other mommas have too. But it never seemed to stop the cycle of frustration and shame that had become a daily part of my job as a mom.

That’s because God doesn’t have a magic wand.

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The Crucible of Family

By: Shannon Popkin

DSC_2100My husband and I recently enjoyed a restful weekend away. We basked in beautiful scenery, interruption-free discussions, and the slower pace we had been craving. Before heading home, we took a walk on a golf course, which was beautifully framed with fall colors. As we drank in the orange hues, we prayed together. I asked God for help to love our precious kids well, and for discernment to discipline them wisely.

I sighed as we got in the car, and said, “Thanks, Babe. I feel ready to go be a good mom.” Ken squeezed my knee and pointed the car toward home.

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Smell my Feet?

By: Shannon Popkin

dsc_0248Halloween is the time of year my boys dress up as a Cowboy and Zorro and pose with their weapons pointed at each other, big smiles on their faces, so I can take pictures. Even my daughter, who is in high school still dresses up and goes out with her friends to collect free candy from the neighbors. Then they all come back and sort their loot in the family room. It’s tradition.

We tell our kids that it’s fine to celebrate the good parts about Halloween—the candy and the dressing up and spending time with friends and neighbors. In fact, if we chose to stay inside with the porch lights off, we feel like we’d miss out on connecting with neighbors, since Halloween is one of the only nights of the year that everyone’s outside!

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Confession of a Selfish Mom

Selfish (1)Confessions of a selfish mom:

Some days I’m keenly aware of my self-centeredness. I like to wake up and have my home revolve around my needs. My need for sleep. My need for my coffee. My need for my space. My need for my children to behave like I want them to. My need for my husband to respond to me the way that makes me comfortable.

But God’s truth confronts these “needs” and brings them to proper perspective. These are self-centered wants, demands, expectations. I create an idol out of my comfort. This pushes God to the side. It shows my tiny view of the cross.

Jesus came to serve others. He came to lay down His life for others. As daughters of the Most High King, this is our role. To lay aside wants and demands and to serve. To realize what we really deserve is hell, eternity separated from God. What He’s given us is grace and He imparted His righteousness to us.

I must preach the Gospel to myself daily. To view myself through the cross. To seek to live the Gospel to my family. To purge selfishness from my heart through the power given to us through the Holy Spirit.

All for His glory!
A Selfish Mom clinging to the cross!

Faith-Based Parenting: Rooting Your Child in Love

by Kimberly Wagner

faith based parenting graphic“I love you, Mama!” The seven year old little guy sent out his love message to his mom in the driver’s seat. I glanced to the back and saw his big grin. This was about the third time that day I’d heard his unsolicited shout-out of love. We’d enjoyed several hours of adventure together, his mom, twin sister, and I, and throughout the day I’d witnessed two children very “rooted and grounded in love.”

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Guilt…or Conviction?

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

image(1)Guilt.  That all too familiar feeling in my gut—wearing on my mind and heart.  As a child of God, I know I have grace and forgiveness and that guilt should not have a hold on me.  “Therefore there is now no condemnation…” (Romans 8:1-2).  I think I know that I can’t and shouldn’t live in guilt, but guilt still comes.  And I’m pretty confident I’m not alone on this one.  So what do we do with it?  What should be our reaction?

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Lord, Deliver me from my Irritability

stressed-out-momBy Amy Cantilina

One recent morning, the sound of my then 6-year-old virtual twin girls giggling in the back of the car on our way to our weekly occupational therapy (OT) appointment was a welcome reminder of the joy of family, the blessing of two little girls from the same heritage getting to grow up as best friends and sisters forever.  This reminder was much needed after the events earlier that morning.

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School Choice: Homeschooling

This is the second of our four part series on: School Choice. Today we’ll tackle homeschooling. Our first post was: Public School and Homeschooling.

By Heather Patenaude

schoolWhen someone comes to me wanting to know about homeschool their own children I normally say to them first, “You need to establish your philosophy of education.”

In other words, “Why do you want to homeschool? What do you hope to gain from homeschooling?”

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“He’s addicted to porn!”

By: Heather Patenaude

Woman-Crying“He’s addicted to porn!” your friend cries to you “I just discovered it and he’s been hiding it for years!”

What would you say? How would you help?

We live in a porn-culture, and it’s becoming more and more acceptable. But the effects of porn are anything but normal.

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Bob Lepine ~ Reflects on Choices Made

By: Bob Lepine

john 4

The Apostle John had his spiritual children in the faith in mind when he penned those words in the first century. But every mom or dad knows how true those words are when applied to our biological children. As your children become young adults, begin to settle in and start families of their own, you find that you are pleased when they get a new job and delighted when they give birth to a new grand baby. But there truly is no greater joy than to see them loving and serving Jesus.

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Cultivating an Overflow of Gratitude

By: Kimberly Wager

faith based parenting graphicMy son’s eighth birthday party wasn’t the best. He had a birthday meltdown. It wasn’t pretty. There were a lot of contributing factors: too much cake and punch, high expectations. His birthday meltdown was a wake-up call to me that I needed to take a more intentional approach to cultivating gratitude. We used that next year to focus on studying and developing gratitude and I saw real change take place in that little guy.

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It’s Summer, Now What?

By Dougetta Nuneviller   

black-young-woman-and-toddler-playing-wiht-dandelion-300x200As a homeschooling family, summers in our home,are a time of great anticipation.  We take this season to explore the  great outdoors. Charlotte Mason, a great school teacher in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, believed in taking her class outside for nature walks. She gave her students, pads of paper and pencils  to  journal about  and draw pictures of their observations and created a “nature notebook”.  I’ve followed Ms. Mason’s example and did this with my own children. After  learning:  John 1:3 “All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

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The Forgiveness Lifestyle

By Kimberly Wagner

faith based parenting graphicA precious young mom shared with me last week that she had to ask her son and the rest of his eleven year old soccer teammates for their forgiveness. She loves the Lord, loves His Word, but in a moment of frustration, she lost her cool in front of the team. The next week, she gathered them together so she could look each one in the eye and explain why she needed to ask their forgiveness. Many of these kids are from non-Christian homes and had probably never seen or heard a gospel demonstration like that!

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Erasing the Perfect Mother’s Day Fantasy {Giveaway!}

Note: Be sure to listen in as Erin talks about her book for moms, “Beyond Bath Time” on Focus on the Family today.

By Erin Davis

sb10062916r-001I can feel it happening again. I’m dreaming of a Mother’s Day where I am allowed to sleep until 10, wake up to a fancy brunch and a clean house, and enjoy an endless stream of compliments and thank yous from my husband and children. It’s the kind of Mother’s Day we all dream of and the kind, of course, that ain’t never gonna happen.

And then what? Shall I sulk? Throw a fit? Pout in the corner? Probably not.

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Sending Out the Bat Light To Moms Everywhere {Giveaway!}

By Erin Davis

batmanBatman probably ranks high on most lists of superheros. I certainly dig his leather pantsuit and underground lair. But my favorite thing is the bat light. When citizens were in trouble, they would shine a giant bat-shaped spotlight over Gotham, and down would swoop their hero to save the day.

God has sent out the bat light to parents for generations. If we look in His Word, we find countless calls to make teaching and living our faith out at home our highest priority. In verse after verse, God sends the clear signal that our children are a gift and a mission field. When we miss this message, the consequences are huge.

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