Lessons Learned by Observing Our Children

By: Julie Paulsen

HeatherPatenaude111313Do you have family stories that are told repeatedly? Stories how Suzie broke both her wrists at the same time, or your all-American family vacation that turned into a nightmare?  And ladies, how many times have you recounted every detail of your birth stories?  We’re women, who bothers counting, it’s the story shared most with girlfriends?  In our house it was the “Story of the Crib Toy.”

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Developing the Heart of Christ

Today is another installment of our “Faith-Based Parenting” series

By: Kimberly Wagner

faith based parenting graphicHave you seen the series of commercials by Coke Zero? I was shocked and a little sickened when I saw one of these while a group of us were watching a basketball game at a friend’s house. Coke calls it their “Enjoy Everything” marketing campaign and according to their website, this newest series is geared to tell men, “It’s not your fault . . .” and to celebrate “guys being guys.” I’m not sure what they mean by that, unless they mean guys are to celebrate selfishness.

The commercials are promoting letting responsibility go, because you deserve to “Enjoy Everything.” Instead of picking up his in-laws at the airport, this guy was applauded by the narrator for choosing to stay home and win the battle on a video game.

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Faith-Based Parenting: Rooting Your Child in Love

by Kimberly Wagner

faith based parenting graphic“I love you, Mama!” The seven year old little guy sent out his love message to his mom in the driver’s seat. I glanced to the back and saw his big grin. This was about the third time that day I’d heard his unsolicited shout-out of love. We’d enjoyed several hours of adventure together, his mom, twin sister, and I, and throughout the day I’d witnessed two children very “rooted and grounded in love.”

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