When A Mom Crashes Into the Whitehouse

By: Erin Davis

ID-100137117I can’t stop thinking about Miriam Carey.

You may know her as the woman who crashed her car into the White House a couple of weeks ago. She was killed by D.C. police after leading them on a terrifying chase. Her 18-month-old daughter was strapped in her car seat in the back seat.

Miriam was not a terrorist.

She was a dental hygienist from Connecticut with no known history of violence.

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The Debate We Must Stop Having

By: Erin Davis

ID-10092736I’m late in getting this post up because I’ve got a five-year old with the flu and a newborn who always wants held. I know for a fact that achieving balance between my work and my kids is an equation that will never add up for me. I know that’s true for many (dare I say all) moms. That’s why I’m putting us all in time out.

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Practical Tips to Serve a New First-Time Mom

By Heather Patenaude

562860_10150769583136346_550690367_nI received a text from a new mom recently. It took me right back to those first few weeks I navigated the waters of motherhood. Everyone else made motherhood look easy! But now, with this 7 pound bundle, I felt clueless!

8 years and 3 kids later, I read the text from my new mom friend and just smiled thinking, “Oh the newborn stage goes so fast and yet everything seems so overwhelming!”

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Praying For More Than “Safe”

I pen these words the day after a bomber took out an 8-year-old as he waited for his dad to cross the finish line of the Boston marathon. There’s not a single day that I drop my son off at pre-school that I don’t think about Sandy Hook and have to fight the urge to do a U-turn in the school parking lot, bring him home and lock all the doors. Then there are super viruses, bacterial infections, and childhood cancers…It’s enough to make me want to say this desperate prayer all day, every day “Jesus, keep my kids safe. Jesus, keep my kids safe. JESUS, PLEASE KEEP MY KIDS SAFE!”

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When We Get Squeezed


Last month I attended the funeral of my 49 year old friend, Lisa, who battled cancer. Our pastor said, “The more she got squeezed the more the glory of God came out of her!”

It’s true! The more Lisa suffered physically, the stronger her faith became. She became a beacon of strength to all of us! She smiled and would say, “I don’t want my cancer to be wasted!”

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He Hates My Children (He Hates Yours Too)

UntitledAs you may well know, Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren’s 27-year-old son killed himself this week. I’ve been troubled that so many have felt the need to weigh in on this one. There are those who have built a tiny platform on that boy’s casket to talk about everything from politics, to homosexuality, to mental health. This is not one of those posts. Truth be told, those posts are making me kind of nauseas.

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Learning How to Pray

By Erin Davis

30-day mom makeover graphic“Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples’” Luke 11:1.

Prayer. Add it to the list of things I feel guilty about as a mom right below never wanting to do crafts with my kiddos and being too cutthroat during games of Candyland with my four-year-old. Continue reading

Choosing Focus

By Rebekah Martin

ID-10015132I’ve been challenged to find a “watchword” for the year, a word to keep in front of me and focus on. My watchword for this year is peace.

The other day I was looking through the closet for something and came across the iron. My daughter picked it up as if it were an item of curiosity and asked me in a confused voice “what’s this for Mommy”? Yeah… she really didn’t know.

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Real, Too

By Heidi Jo Fulk

629986ohbli6k5oI read the “Real Mom” series of posts right along with you last fall and I appreciated the honest, genuine topics that Erin and Heather tackled. I related with them — the obstacles, priorities, choices, and decisions we have to make every day. It’s so valuable to have the perspective of women that are or have been where we are! Continue reading

The Mom Sex Challenge

By Heather Patenaude

This month as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I want to challenge you women to spice things up in the bedroom! As the conclusion to our series on sex and motherhood, (if you missed it be sure to check out those posts here) we want to encourage you to take action in the area of your sex life. Continue reading

What If He’s Not Interested?

By Erin Davis

Maybe you’ve been following our Mom Sex Challenge posts and think, “Yeah whatever, my husband is not interested at all in sex!” Trust me friend, you are not alone. Although it’s easy to think all men just want sex and want it all the time, there are cases where the wife has more of a sex drive than her husband. Continue reading

I’m Just Not That Into It!

By Heather Patenaude

Maybe over the course of your marriage you have had times and seasons when you are just not that interested in sex. The truth is, that happens to most of us married gals. Some of you may have experienced something more serious — a prolonged season of disinterest that has taken a toll on your marriage. Continue reading

Self Control and Pickle Cravings

By Erin Davis

I’m so tired, I feel like I’m moving with concrete feet. The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is when I can take a nap. My pillow calls my name all day long. My husband and kids are getting on my nerves. Sometimes I want to yell at them. Sometimes I do yell at them. The next moment I’m in tears. I crave dill pickles. Oh, and dill pickle juice. I drink the stuff straight out of the jar. Continue reading

Parenting Tips From the Best Buy Guy

By Shannon Popkin

(from www.shannonpopkin.blogspot.com, 01.12.13)

ID-10049815“You’re not going to be happy,” I heard my husband say into the cell phone. He was home, checking whether we had a three-prong or four-prong electric cord for our dryer so I could buy the right replacement. Turns out we had no electric cord at all.

We have a gas dryer. With gas hookups. And a new electric dryer being delivered by Best Buy in the morning. Continue reading