Dumb Things Moms Say Part 2

By: Erin Davis

Words-Have-PowerSometimes we moms say the dumbest things (guilty!). I’m on a mission to cut some of the silly things we say from our collective vocabulary. If you missed my first post in this series, be sure to check it out here.

Remember, I gave two litmus tests straight from God’s Word to help us know what we should (and should not) say.

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Moms Say The Dumbest Things

By: Erin Davis 

Words-Have-PowerRemember that game show Kids Say the Darndest Things? I’d like to propose a sequel…

Mom’s Say The Dumbest Things.

I’ve been paying attention and there are a few momisms that just need to go. As a mom myself I’ve been known to say plenty of dumb things but I’m trying to kick the habit and I hope you’ll join me.

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When A Mom Crashes Into the Whitehouse

By: Erin Davis

ID-100137117I can’t stop thinking about Miriam Carey.

You may know her as the woman who crashed her car into the White House a couple of weeks ago. She was killed by D.C. police after leading them on a terrifying chase. Her 18-month-old daughter was strapped in her car seat in the back seat.

Miriam was not a terrorist.

She was a dental hygienist from Connecticut with no known history of violence.

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The Formula Debate

By: Heather Patenaude @heatherarnel 

Similac-FormulaRecently a friend had to add formula to her 9 month olds diet because he wasn’t putting on weight like she had hoped. She shared privately how embarrassed she was to put that can of formula on the convayer belt at the grocery store. Thoughts of pride, mingled with fear of man, “What will people think?” blended.

Another friend chimed in that nursing her 4 month old had become an ordeal and they switched to all bottles, at a conference this new mom received a very insensitive comment from someone who didn’t know the full story!

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Jesus Had a Momma. So What?

By: Erin Davis

603854bsjmqook0Warning: obvious statement ahead…

Jesus was a man.

He liked to fish. He hung out primarily with other dudes. He had a beard. Despite the slightly feminine pictures of Him that sometimes hang in church hallways, I picture Jesus as a real mans’ man. He was authoritative, rugged, and not too big on touchy feely conversations.

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me, Me, ME



By: Carrie Ward

“We shouldn’t have a child-centered home.”

I’ve heard that phrase many times; perhaps you have, as well. I agree with the idea behind this statement, but I find that sometimes what I really want is a self-centered home. I want my children and my husband to do things my way. I want my home to be ME-centered.

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What’s Wrong With Me? {Giveaway included!}

Join Jill today on Focus on the Family: Embracing the Imperfections of Real-Life Motherhood

By Jill Savage 

284647_10150319625036346_4245194_nWhen child number one threw a fit in the grocery store one day, screaming at the top of her lungs in this very public place, I was so embarrassed. I’d witnessed a scene like that before I had children, and I swore my kids would never do that. Since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself in all kinds of situations I never thought I’d be in.

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Reflections on A Mother’s Prayer ~ Kristyn Getty

By: Kristyn Getty

Kristyn_GettyIn the spring of 2008 I first prayed for a baby, and in the spring of 2011 God answered that prayer with the birth of our beautiful daughter.  My joy was full but so were the fears I wrestled.  In some ways I felt like a baby Christian again, caught in a whirlwind of emotions, learning and applying what I have known and trusted into a completely new life – I know I’m definitely not the first to feel that!

Friends of ours had given us a card when their first son was born; it was full of prayer requests for his little life, a prayer for every day of the month. My prayers were not quite as coherent as those, especially at first, but the urgency of the moment drove me to my knees.  “Help her, help me” baby prayers at 3am; prayers as I heard the baby monitor light up in the morning; prayers when I thought of her safety, her soul, her future; prayers  with my husband; prayers while Eliza listened in.

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Practical Tips to Serve a New First-Time Mom

By Heather Patenaude

562860_10150769583136346_550690367_nI received a text from a new mom recently. It took me right back to those first few weeks I navigated the waters of motherhood. Everyone else made motherhood look easy! But now, with this 7 pound bundle, I felt clueless!

8 years and 3 kids later, I read the text from my new mom friend and just smiled thinking, “Oh the newborn stage goes so fast and yet everything seems so overwhelming!”

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Return the Favor

By Erin Davis

30-day mom makeover graphic“For we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us” Luke 11:4.

Kids make mistakes. Lots of them. Sometimes those mistakes are pointed squarely in our direction as moms. We understand that missing the mark is part of the learning process but when we are extra tired, extra stretched or extra raw as we mother all of that disobedience, anger and loss of our personal property can sting. Continue reading

Noticed At the Grocery Store

By Heidi Jo Fulk

grocerystoreI was grocery shopping…pushing one of those semi-truck-like carts with the set of double seats on the back filled with my then toddler girls while my infant son bounced along in the Baby Bjorn on my chest. We were a sight. A couple stares, a few knowing giggles, and a raised eyebrow or two. I was plowing through that store praying we’d make it home with everything we came to get without a major mishap or scene.

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ID-10042054By Dougetta Nuneviller

With a smile, my son says, mom I got the job. It’s music to any mothers ears to hear the excitement in her child’s voice, knowing he has had some sort of success. It melts your heart, to know they’ve accomplished a giant milestone in their life. It really doesn’t matter if they are two or twenty-two, its the same feeling you get when you know they have succeeded in reaching a goal.

Learning How to Pray

By Erin Davis

30-day mom makeover graphic“Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples’” Luke 11:1.

Prayer. Add it to the list of things I feel guilty about as a mom right below never wanting to do crafts with my kiddos and being too cutthroat during games of Candyland with my four-year-old. Continue reading

Motherhood for Extroverts

By Heather Patenaude

outgoingOn Monday Erin struck a cord with introverted mamas! But I think she struck a cord with us extroverted mamas too!

I am 100% extroverted! I could be with people all day long. I could chat all day to friends, my kids, or my husband…I love people. A day with people puts “wind in my sails”. Not only do I love people, my love language is touch. So I don’t mind a hand on my arm or a cuddle on the couch.

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Choosing Focus

By Rebekah Martin

ID-10015132I’ve been challenged to find a “watchword” for the year, a word to keep in front of me and focus on. My watchword for this year is peace.

The other day I was looking through the closet for something and came across the iron. My daughter picked it up as if it were an item of curiosity and asked me in a confused voice “what’s this for Mommy”? Yeah… she really didn’t know.

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