Smell my Feet?

By: Shannon Popkin

dsc_0248Halloween is the time of year my boys dress up as a Cowboy and Zorro and pose with their weapons pointed at each other, big smiles on their faces, so I can take pictures. Even my daughter, who is in high school still dresses up and goes out with her friends to collect free candy from the neighbors. Then they all come back and sort their loot in the family room. It’s tradition.

We tell our kids that it’s fine to celebrate the good parts about Halloween—the candy and the dressing up and spending time with friends and neighbors. In fact, if we chose to stay inside with the porch lights off, we feel like we’d miss out on connecting with neighbors, since Halloween is one of the only nights of the year that everyone’s outside!

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Paper Stones

By: Miriam Walsh

Baby (12-18 Months)“Hey, mom, I’m going to need one of my baby pictures for my high school yearbook.” Why does that statement send waves of panic rushing over me? Every few years I tell myself this will be the year that I take all of our photographs and file them chronologically and also get them converted to a digital format to join the computer images. But I always seem to forget about that soon after the sought after picture has been found. It’s so easy to immerse myself into other facets of motherhood.

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Summertime Activities!

By: Heidi Jo Falk

ID-10081702A summertime day can be filled up just running around the backyard, splashing in the pool, or laying in the grass gazing at some fluffy clouds.  But even on sunny, summer days, we need a few good ideas for fun stuff to do.  Here are a few to keep in your back pocket!

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Be A Yes Mom! {Giveaway!!}

Join Jill today on Focus on the Family: Embracing the Imperfections of Real-Life Motherhood

By Jill Savage

YesOne summer when my two youngest boys were in grade school, they ran inside and said, “Mom, it’s so hot outside! Can we see if it’s hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk?” The practical side of me started to say no, but I caught myself. Why can’t they try it? Why is my first thought always no? Why can’t I say yes? Is it “wasting” an egg, or simply using it for a different, but just as valuable, purpose?

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Freebie! Caleb and Cassie: Discovering God’s Wonderful Design

By Erin Davis

1 CassieCalebCoverFA.inddOne of the things that troubles me about raising kids in the current cultural climate is the trend toward blurring gender lines. In the eyes of the majority, what makes girls girls and boys boys is all up for negotiation. The implications of this shift seem huge in the lives of my children (and their children, and their children…).

But frankly, I’m a little too swamped with bedtimes and temper tantrums to find time to figure out how to instill Biblical gender roles in my sons. I don’t have a clue how to cut the Truths in God’s Word up into pieces small enough for my littles to digest and embrace. Most days I just tell them to go play in the mud and hope that somehow translates into an understanding of who God wants them to be. I recognize that it it’s important to teach my kids about God’s design for who they are, but I need some tools to make it happen.

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ID-10042054By Dougetta Nuneviller

With a smile, my son says, mom I got the job. It’s music to any mothers ears to hear the excitement in her child’s voice, knowing he has had some sort of success. It melts your heart, to know they’ve accomplished a giant milestone in their life. It really doesn’t matter if they are two or twenty-two, its the same feeling you get when you know they have succeeded in reaching a goal.

The Power of Words

By Dougetta Nuneviller

ID-10065999I know growing up I said things I wish I could take back. I know my parents did, too! What if you have children who say hurtful or damaging things to you? The truth is we have all said things that we wish we had the ability to take back, but we don’t. Words are powerful, whether they are intended to hurt or to encourage. It is very important that we guard our mouth and choose our words carefully. Continue reading

Faith-Based Parenting: Getting Them to God

By Kim Wagner

My husband was only 6 years old when He responded to Christ’s call to salvation. He was a mere boy of 13 when he surrendered to preach the gospel and delivered his first message. It’s hard for me to imagine having a kid-pastor barely 18, but the folks in my husband’s first church loved and respected their teenage pastor. His experience however, is definitely not the norm. Continue reading

Faith-Based Parenting: Intentionally Winning the Next Generation

By Kim Wagner

My husband and I had a rude awakening when our firstborn was entering her teen years. About that time, a study was released that showed frightening statistics indicating we were losing our kids:

• 69–94 percent of Christian youth forsake their faith after leaving high school.

• An additional 64 percent loss after college graduation.

• 75 percent loss of students from the Assemblies of God churches within one year of high school graduation.

• 88 percent loss of students from churches within the Southern Baptist Convention.

• 94 percent fallout within two years of high school graduation was reported by Josh McDowell Ministries. Continue reading

Parenting Tips From the Best Buy Guy

By Shannon Popkin

(from, 01.12.13)

ID-10049815“You’re not going to be happy,” I heard my husband say into the cell phone. He was home, checking whether we had a three-prong or four-prong electric cord for our dryer so I could buy the right replacement. Turns out we had no electric cord at all.

We have a gas dryer. With gas hookups. And a new electric dryer being delivered by Best Buy in the morning. Continue reading

Faith-Based Parenting: Questions to Ponder

By Kim Wagner

A young mom sent me an e-mail recently and asked if she could pick my brain on how to recognize the difference between “fear motivation” verses “faith motivation” in raising her kids. It’s a great question because I think operating from fear is a common trap for us moms who are trying to parent biblically: Continue reading

Truth Is Our Fairy Tale Castle

By Erin Davis

Need another reason to take our 2013 Bible Reading Challenge? Here’s one…

Internet, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook offer us much in the way of connection and information, but we all know they have their downside. Figuring out the pros and cons of the digital age is a different post for a smarter brain than mine, but lately I’ve noticed that one side effect of social media is that I can hear everyone’s opinions loud and clear.

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Resolution: Why We Read the Bible

By Erin Davis

I start the new year the same every time. First, I crash out hours before midnight. Then, I wake up with a fire in my belly in influence those who listen to my voice to resolve that this will be the year they read the Bible more. Continue reading

Resolution: The Bible Is My Favorite

By Heidi Jo Fulk

There are lots of parents who have a favorite book they have read to their child hoping it will be one of their favorites, too. Maybe “The Velveteen Rabbit” or “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Corduroy.” Those classics are wonderful and fun to pass down to our kids. But making the Bible THE favorite is a little more complex. Continue reading

Resolution: Sunday School Lessons

By Heather Patenaude

In our house, “Bible time” happens right before bed with our young three sons. It works nicely because they all share a room. Over the years we’ve done different Bible story books. But my favorite night of the week is Sunday night! Continue reading