The Pursuit of Quiet

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

quietSo we’re moms and the probability of quiet in our lives is anywhere from “not likely” to “you’ve got to be kidding me”.  I get it.  I truly do.  If we want and need quiet, we’re going to have to hunt it down like it’s the last drop of water in the desert.  But remember, the kind of quiet that we’re talking about here is not just reduced noise.   It may be that, but it goes deeper too.  Quiet means a reliance on God—seeking Him for wisdom and strength and not thinking and acting in our own power.  Quiet means self-control.  It means placing our hope in God and His word.  It means putting God in His rightful place.

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Quiet’s Perspective

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

quietQuiet.  Calm.  Peaceful.  As I shared in my last post, when I studied the word and concept of “quiet” throughout the Bible, it started in the way I thought it might with ideas like these.  But I also discovered links to other virtues like humility, wisdom, hope, and strength.  The links to strength were particularly profound to me because frankly, I long for strength.  True strength.  The kind that will equip me for both everyday events and life-changing moments.  I’ve been a mom, yea verily alive long enough to know my strength runs out in a hurry.  So discovering quiet is a pathway and building block for strength has been remarkable to me.

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Surprised by Quiet

We’re going to take a break from our Christmas Prep to ponder what “quiet” looks like.

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

quietThe word quiet has been very loud for me this year.  It began as I chose this verse as I created some goals at the start of the new year…

I Peter 3:4—Instead, it (a woman’s beauty) should consist of what is inside the heart with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very valuable in God’s eyes.

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Moms Say The Dumbest Things

By: Erin Davis 

Words-Have-PowerRemember that game show Kids Say the Darndest Things? I’d like to propose a sequel…

Mom’s Say The Dumbest Things.

I’ve been paying attention and there are a few momisms that just need to go. As a mom myself I’ve been known to say plenty of dumb things but I’m trying to kick the habit and I hope you’ll join me.

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The Grievousness of Sin, the Freedom of Repentance

By: Amy Catalina

21266eo8xu5vw2fIf we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.    1 John 1:9

When someone first comes to faith in Christ, she acknowledges that she is a sinner in need of a savior.  She agrees with God that “all have sinned” and that on her own she is doomed to death.  Perhaps the time leading up to that moment was checkered with sordid, shameful sin.  Or, perhaps, a lifetime of “clean living” was finally revealed by the Holy Spirit as the filthy rags that self-righteousness is in the sight of God.

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Happily Ever After… the Addition? (part 2)

By Shannon Popkin

ken for blogWe wives who have a way of getting what we want have this tactic called persistence. The more we bring something up, the closer we get to the tipping point–where our husbands abdicate their preferences to keep their sanity.

 This is the tactic I used on Ken as I initiating regular ‘discussions’ about the home addition I was lobbying for. (Read part 1 here.) These were rather one-sided discussions, wherein I did all of the talking and eventually, Ken did the caving. He now describes it like this: “Once that idea [of a bigger kitchen] was birthed, I knew it wasn’t dying any time soon. It moved in and made the house even smaller.”

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Faith-Based Parenting: Rooting Your Child in Love

by Kimberly Wagner

faith based parenting graphic“I love you, Mama!” The seven year old little guy sent out his love message to his mom in the driver’s seat. I glanced to the back and saw his big grin. This was about the third time that day I’d heard his unsolicited shout-out of love. We’d enjoyed several hours of adventure together, his mom, twin sister, and I, and throughout the day I’d witnessed two children very “rooted and grounded in love.”

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My First Crayon in the Dryer

This post was originally on the True Woman blog!

By Barbra Bender

firstcrayondryerGrowing up, I learned a very time-consuming, meticulous way to do laundry. It is the definition of perfection. The right way to do laundry. Clothes do not shrink, fade, or wrinkle when you do laundry this way.

Around child number three, however, I realized if I continued to do laundry the perfect way, I would never have any laundry done. So I started using the dryer like everyone else in the world. I joined the thousands of mothers who sell 5T pajamas at their garage sales, knowing they actually now fit a one-year-old. Now that I use my dryer so faithfully, I am an avid pocket checker. Occasionally I miss a paper towel or one of my husband’s foam ear plugs, but I’ve never missed a crayon . . . until today.

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Guilt…or Conviction?

By: Heidi Jo Fulk

image(1)Guilt.  That all too familiar feeling in my gut—wearing on my mind and heart.  As a child of God, I know I have grace and forgiveness and that guilt should not have a hold on me.  “Therefore there is now no condemnation…” (Romans 8:1-2).  I think I know that I can’t and shouldn’t live in guilt, but guilt still comes.  And I’m pretty confident I’m not alone on this one.  So what do we do with it?  What should be our reaction?

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Helping a Friend in Crisis

By Shannon Popkin

supporting-a-friend“Yes, but why did you call me?”

I don’t always feel qualified to help my Christian friends when they call, engulfed by a hurtful situation. And I’m sure they don’t feel qualified to help me, either, when it’s my turn to be engulfed. But if we notice all the instances of “one another” in the Bible, we see that calling each other when we feel weak, confused, hurt, or angry is exactly what Christians are supposed to do.

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You Can Be For Without Being Against

By Heidi Jo Falk

Circle_Of_Hands_by_CircleoffriendsAt first glance, this statement could seem like some wishy-washy advice from someone afraid to take a stand on something.  But it’s not, so let me elaborate.

There are many things someone seeking to live a biblical life should be passionately for and zealously against.  Things that are opposites—truth from God and lies from the Enemy, life and murder, love and hate.  But there are also times when we can be for something or someone without being against whatever is perceived to be the opposite or “other” in the situation.

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me, Me, ME



By: Carrie Ward

“We shouldn’t have a child-centered home.”

I’ve heard that phrase many times; perhaps you have, as well. I agree with the idea behind this statement, but I find that sometimes what I really want is a self-centered home. I want my children and my husband to do things my way. I want my home to be ME-centered.

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My Father’s World

By Dougetta Nuneviller

389321_10151646097236346_1126714969_nAs “This is My Fathers World” plays in the background. It reminds me of all the times I’ve taken the kids out for a nature walk.  There are so many wonderful things we can learn about our Creator, from nature.

The song goes on and says “He speaks to me everywhere” .  When we go outside, we find there are so many examples of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. The truth of Scripture is right in front of us. Yes, He does speak to us everywhere from the animals to the grass itself.

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Groundhog Sightings

By Erin Davis

GroundhogI have a random theory.

I think that God chooses one thing from nature to remind each of us individually of His love for us. He uses that thing to woo us and to remind us that even though He is the Creator and we are the created, He’s totally smitten with us. I’m not sure if it’s a theory that works across the board, but I do know that God has always used one specific creature in nature to affirm His love and remind me of His sweetness.

What is it, you ask?


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