Moses and The Preacher Man

By Dougetta Nuneviller

Psalm 119:11 — “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

A long time ago there were two little boys. These boys were brothers who were being brought up in the knowledge of Christ. They went to church every time the doors were open, attended every Sunday school program, sang in the children’s choir and went to all the holiday events.

So, it’s no wonder they had more knowledge of Bible characters than superheroes. This is the true story of my 6- and 3-year-old sons. Continue reading

Another Marriage Post

By Heather Patenaude

After 12 years of marriage, Sam and Kathy sit at a restaurant with hardly a word crossing their lips. Kathy plays with her salad and shifts in the hard seat. Sam checks his phone and replies to a text message.

When he sets his phone down Kathy mentions that Tommy, their 10-year-old son, has a ball game that Saturday. Sam asks when, and then checks his phone to see his calendar. They go back to silence as the main dish is served. Continue reading

Intentional Marriage

By Heather Patenaude

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on your husband? Do you remember what you wore on the first date? Do you remember your first kiss with him? When is the last time you and your husband talked about the story of your courtship? When is the last time you had a date? Continue reading

Finding the Worm Holes

By Heidi Jo Fulk

We had an eventful June and July at our house. A family wedding, VBS, a long weekend at a lake with friends, swim lessons, and lots of ball games. That was after a really eventful summer last year when we moved from Tennessee to Michigan. So we were looking forward to the long summer days this August, thinking we’d finally be able to savor “real” summer a bit. Continue reading

Some thoughts on that guy in the red suit

By Erin Davis

(Originally posted Dec. 16, 2011)

It’s not that I have something against friendly old guys with red suits and reindeer. I like his belly laugh and think it’s cute that he has a perpetual twinkle in his eyes. Even so, my husband and I have decided to ban Santa from the Christmas activities at our house. Continue reading

On Trusting Their Dad

By Erin Davis

The story of Isaac’s near sacrifice from Genesis 22 has a nice, happy ending for everyone except Isaac’s mom, Sarah. Can you imagine the emotions she felt when she learned what almost happened to her treasured son on top of Mount Moriah? (At the hand of her husband, no less!) I am sure her emotions swung from terror, to anger, to frustration to relief.
Continue reading

The Answer Is …

By Dougetta Nuneviller

As a mom, I’m sure you’ve had days where it seems like one more question, comment or remark from your kids will push you over the top? Oh yes, we’ve all had those kind of days. As we raise toddlers who are interested in EVERYTHING life has to offer, they ask a mere one million questions every single day.   Continue reading

Blind Spot Friends

By Heather Patenaude

Over a year ago, my husband and I launched a newlywed ministry at our church. Our passion for marriage ministry was flamed afresh by God and He opened amazing doors for us to serve couples married less than three years. As soon as we embarked on this new ministry we realized how we had to enlist an army of friends to support, encourage, hold us accountable and pray for us! But above all of that, we knew we needed some “blind spot” friends. Continue reading