Join the Firing Squad For Stepford Moms

By Erin Davis

Remember that creepy movie, Stepford Wives?

The fact that Nicole Kidman was cast to play the imperfect, non-robotic wife was cruel enough. (Her post baby body makes me queasy!). But the whole plot centers around a town filled with “perfect” wives. True, they are robots, but they are perfect none the less. Continue reading

When It Comes to the Mommy Wars, I’m Waving the White Flag

By Erin Davis

Disclaimer: This is not a current events blog. As a mom I neither have the time or mental capacity to keep up with current events nor the appetite to re-hash them. I assume you feel the same way, so I don’t try to write about every little news story that may or may not affect how I mother.
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By Shannon Popkin

From (05.23.12)

Lindsay told me that the saddest ending to a school year for her was first grade. Not because she was sad to leave that particular classroom. She was sad that there was no graduation! She had loved her kindergarten graduation so much, and was so disappointed to learn that in first grade, there was none. Continue reading

Mad Enough to Bang Her Head Against the Wall

By Shannon Popkin

From, 05.10.12)

Lindsay was a pretty easy going baby, but one day, at about eighteen months, she got extremely frustrated. For some reason she was trying to hold all of her crayons at once, and then climb up onto the couch to watch her video. They were the big, fat crayons, and she could just barely tuck them all into her chubby hands. Once she had them, she would try to maneuver herself onto the couch, and inevitably one or two crayons would slip out. They would all scatter to the ground, and down she would go for another attempt. Continue reading

The Cure For Mother’s Day Letdown

By Erin Davis

Every year I get a Mother’s Day hangover. No, not that kind of hangover. It’s sweet tea only for me at Mother’s Day brunch. I’m talking about a general feeling of yuckiness, disappointment and let down that leaves me feeling … bleh. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

By Jessica Drews

I’m always curious to know why kids love their moms … that’s why I asked some of my favorite children, younger and older, from my church, to tell why they love their mommas. Their answers will make you laugh (watermelon makes the list) and some might even make you cry (one girl talks about her mom giving her life). But in each answer is embedded truth about you, dear momma. Even when it seems like you’re just making another peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or slicing up some watermelon) you’re doing kingdom work. Continue reading

Goodnight Kisses

By Kim Wagner

I love watching my friends Melissa, and her husband, Jason, intentionally build a strong and loyal relationship with their children. Parker and Claire are six-year-old twins and full of personality. The four are pretty much inseparable.

It’s rare for Melissa to miss the nightly routine of stories, prayers, and tucking in bed. But there have been a few occasions when either she, or Jason, couldn’t be home by the twins’ bedtime. They’ve established a special little tradition for those unusual times. Continue reading

Facedown Parenting

By Erin Davis

“I’m going to be @ church @ 11 a.m. to pray for Sarah* and her family. Join me if you
can. If you can’t-plz stop & pray @ 11.”

The teenage daughter of a friend of mine was in trouble. She had made repeated bad choices and her mom, Rhonda was at the end of her rope. Not knowing what else to do, another friend sent that text to several of us who attend Mom2Mom, the mom’s group at our church.
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When you want to punch your child’s classmate

By Shannon Popkin

From, 11.04.11)

“I want to go punch that little boy in the nose!” I punched the air with my free hand for emphasis, and almost dropped the phone.

My friend on the other line commiserated with my story. She understood how my heart hurts for my own child, and how I long to march into the cafeteria or the classroom and set some things straight. She even had a story of her own from this week.
Her daughter had been planning to hang out with her very best friends after the game, but she came home instead and spent the evening alone in her bedroom. Things have been changing for this teen. Her friends have been changing. She’s had to make some hard choices about where she will go and what she will do. She’s had to think through what it means to follow Jesus in high school.
And while this teen hurts up alone in her room, her mom is hurting down in the kitchen, too. Hurting for her daughter and wanting to do something about it. Wanting to set some things straight!
My friend and I agreed that there’s nothing we can do. Most schools won’t let moms tirade around the building throwing punches. But, on the other hand, my friend and I have done the best thing we can. We’ve gently asked, carefully listened, and used our mom-sized hearts to mop up the hurts our kids have spilled out.
And when I want to do something else — something that might make a scene — I remember what Jesus did for his deeply hurting friend, Mary. He cried with her. Not in a hopeless way, but in a strongly agitated way. I think Jesus saw the deeply wounding effects that sin had on his friends, and it deeply troubled and  irritated him.
Jesus knows my child’s pain, too. He agonizes over the hurt that sin has caused. Someday soon Jesus will set everything straight, and he won’t need my help to do it. But for now, tears are enough.

SHANNON POPKIN loves the power tucked into a good story. As she connects with other women through writing and speaking, her passion is to tell stories within the context of the One Great Story — God’s. Shannon has been published by Thriving Family, MOMSense, and Family Fun, and she blogs at Tiny Paragraphs. Though she and her husband, Ken, are officially ‘Beyond Bath Time’ duty (their kids now shower behind locked doors), they’re convinced that the adventures of parenting have just begun!

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