Finding your child’s life verse

By Erin Davis

From (02.18.11)

Last week, I encouraged you to pray God’s Word for your kids. One way our family takes that to another level is by choosing a life verse for our kids.

Simply put, a life verse is a passage of Scripture that we feel like uniquely describes each individual child. Once we’ve chosen a life verse for our kids, we pray that verse over and over as a way to mark their lives with God’s Truth.

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Lecture loaded

By Jill McDaniel

I was sipping coffee at a bookstore coffeehouse while my car was being repaired, so my mind gradually wandered to the people sitting around me. Casually dressed telecommuters, a trendy college girl in trendy boots reading a trendy book, and a pretty woman with bags and coats sprawled across five chairs. I quickly discovered she was a fellow mom — partly because two young boys walked up to her — but mostly because she pulled out the most spot-on “mom voice.” Continue reading

Praying for your child’s future mate

Posted on 06.09.11 by Kimberly Wagner

The wedding that’s caught my attention this year isn’t the one most people were talking about early last month. I’m focused on one a little closer to home—my son’s. Since the time he was in the womb, we’ve prayed for the woman God had in mind for him and are absolutely delighted with His choice!

No matter how young or old your child may be, NOW is the time to pray for their future mate. I don’t understand (and please don’t ask me to explain!) what occurs in the spiritual realm when we intercede in prayer and how that affects what’s happening in our lives or others’—but I do know we’ve been given these instructions: Continue reading

Praying the scriptures for your children

By Erin Davis

From (02.17.11)

When I was only twelve weeks along with my first-born son, the doctor called us with some devastating news. The baby’s tiny bladder was blocked meaning he couldn’t process amniotic fluid and wasn’t expected to survive the pregnancy. My husband and I immediately decided that I would carry the baby to term despite the diagnosis. That decision launched us into a season of prayer unlike anything we had every experienced before. Continue reading

The ripple effect of one grumpy woman

By Erin Davis

From (08.09.11)

One morning last week I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That’s a nice way of saying I was grumpy. My fuse was short. My voice was loud. My temper was nasty. Clearly my heart was not focused on living like Christ has called me to. Continue reading

Training the troops in the mall

By Kim Wagner

From (10.29.09)

I was interrupted by the mall security guard tapping me on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Ma’am. You’re going to have to lower your voice. People at the other end of the mall reported hearing  you screaming.” I stared at him in wide-eyed amazement as my teenage children cracked up laughing at the situation. We were in the mall arcade playing a “car racing” video game. While driving at high speeds (with numerous crashes) I became so engrossed that I was unaware of laughing, squealing, and screaming at the top of my lungs throughout each race! Continue reading

Mothering in hostile territory

By Erin Davis

From (09.20.11)

The story of Moses’ birth has been one of my favorites since childhood. I’ve always loved how Moses’ momma put him in a basket where he was rescued by a princess and got to live in a palace. But, it wasn’t until recently that I started to think about the complexity of Moses’ beginning from the perspective of one key player — Moses’ mom, Jochebed. I’ve come to see Jochebed as one of the best moms in the Bible, and one who has much to teach us about mothering in the twenty-first century. Continue reading