The Bondage of Fear

By Kristie Stoddard

Driving along the moon-shadowed roads out to the grassy football field north of town, I thought about this blog for moms. I was going to pick up my 14-year-old son from football practice. It was dark and quiet, as I contemplated what I might have to say to a generation of moms that would mean anything. Continue reading

You Are A Delight

By Laura Booz

From (08.17.2011)

On the days when the little ones sleep, smell sweet, and smile, it’s easy to say.

On the days when they wail, sweat, smell like sour milk, loose their hair, have a break-out of baby acne, and ruin two new outfits with blow-out diapers, it’s not as easy.

But, it’s always true. And can always be said … Those precious words, “You are a delight.” Continue reading

Little People Grow Up Way Too Fast!

By Kimberly Wagner

From (10.27.2009)

I had one of those dreams filled with such normal stuff that you think it’s really happening while you’re in the dream. You know what I mean?

When my children were little, we used to go camping a lot. We loved hiking through the woods, eating s’mores around the campfire, fishing from the bank’s edge. We even tried mountain biking as they grew older. So in my dream I was working my way up the side of a little mountain trail, wondering where Rachel and Caleb were. I started thinking about the fact that I hadn’t seen them for a while — at least not the “little people” version of Rachel and Caleb. Shouts and giggles interrupted my climb as I turned around to see the eight- and twelve-year-old version of my children running toward me. “There you two are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I’ve missed you! Where’ve you been?” Continue reading

What are you really teaching your daughter about beauty?

By Erin Davis

From (05.12.2011)

Weight has been an area of bondage off and on in my life for … well … forever. The issue has taken different forms: crash dieting, disordered eating, self-loathing, distraction, insecurity, anxiety and overindulgence. But the outward behavior was always just a sign of what was going on in my heart. Continue reading

Sunday morning chaos

By Erin Davis

From (10.07.2011)

This happens at your house too, right?

It’s Sunday morning. The kids all slept an hour later than they do any other day of the week. Spilled milk at breakfast has already resulted in at least one change of clothes. Your son’s shoe is missing. It’s nowhere to be found. Apparently it has evaporated into thin air. His backup pair is covered in mud. You have no choice but to allow him to wear his Buzz Lightyear slippers because the only alternative is to go barefoot. Continue reading

Choosing to delight in my children

By Erin Davis

From (07.27.2011)

My kids tickle me pink lately. My three-year-old, Eli, keeps me laughing all day long with his constant major league baseball re-enactments and endless questions of “why?” My one-year-old, Noble, has a new “first” every day. (Today, it was saying the word “grapes.”) Watching him transform from baby to big boy is a thrill. But … I haven’t always felt this way.
Motherhood is tough. That’s an understatement! Let me try again — motherhood is like running a marathon uphill in your church shoes (because your toddler used your sneakers as playmates in a recent game of hide-and-seek). When looking at the big picture, being a mom looks pretty great, but navigating life among endless dirty diapers, discipline hurdles, potty training, and runny noses can choke out the joy of parenting pretty easily. Continue reading

What Eve can teach us about being a mom

By Erin Davis

From (09.07.2011)

(Portions of this post were taken from Erin’s next book, Beyond Bath Time — look for it in April!)

When it’s time to hand out Mother of the Year awards, few of us would think to nominate Eve. Her entire story is told in only four little chapters in the book of Genesis; she was created, she sinned, she was banished, and she bore children. Her children sinned and then she died. It may not sound like the makings of a Hallmark Mother’s Day special, but Eve has much to teach us about who we are as mothers.

Continue reading